Eleven Pond - Drive CD

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1. Headlock 04:06
2. Drive 04:54
3. So Far Away 07:06
4. Miss Wonderful 04:33
5. Venus In Shells 05:13
6. Black Keys 04:06
7. Dream Within A Dream 03:47
8. Tangerine 05:59
9. When She Asks For More 04:45
10. Only Time For Lust 07:13

DRIVE // past Eleven Pond albums were named after sculpture genres, this one is not. the ‘Drive’ title comes from an obsession with vehicles and the freedoms, experiences or excitement they brings via sports car, truck, motorcycle, scooter, race bike , stunt jet, submarine, etc… but it also has to do with a drive to find love, something much harder to acquire than fast objects.

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