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1. Dressed In Leather
2. Her Mind Was On Fire
3. Man With No Sun
4. Mirrorless Bathroom
5. Electro Slut
6. Wireform
7. Hey, You're Kind Of Creamy
8. Japanese Mind Meld (kitchen jam)
9. Dressed In Leather (synth pop mix)
10. Her Mind On Fire (vocoder mix)
11. Man With No Sun (echoplex mix)
12. Wireform (instrumental)
13. Black Keys (studio live)

Eleven Pond / Wireform ~ since reforming in 2009 Jeff Gallea has been recording and performing Eleven Pond shows with original drummer Tim Masick (NYC), drummer Garey Spider (LA) and other guest musicians. Thanks to internet fan support this is the second life Eleven Pond has been given, combining digital recording techniques with original 80's analog gear. These songs are a creative nod to the past with a strong step into the future.
In 1986 Eleven Pond elected to title each releases after a sculpture genre: Bas Relief, Assemblage… Wireform carries on that tradition.

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