State Of Art – Dancefloor Statements 1981-1982 CD

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1 At Night
2 Destiny
3 Downtown
4 A Place In The Sun
5 Dantzig Station
6 Venice
7 Summertime At Last
8 Show Me
9 Reasons
10 Downtown ('82 Version)
11 Scoop 'N' Loop
12 Keep On Moving
13 Smile Again
14 Sleeping Together
15 Cocktail
16 Stand Up Now

While in Manchester A Certain Ratio was exploring funk (perhaps to avoid being called the new Joy Division), and in London a percussive and horn-laden Spandau Ballet was going to no. 1 on the charts, in Milan State Of Art attempted a personal fusion that united the pop sensibility of Abc and Spandau Ballet with the tribal metropolitan sounds of Liquid Liquid and the Talking Heads, the energy of Funkapolitan and Pig Bag, and the new wave angularness of Manicured Noise and the Pop Group. This retrospective CD, featuring all of the band’s studio recordings and some live performances as well, proves their place as attentive and meticulous interpreters of an epoch where mutations were constant and fast.

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