Bronze - World Arena LP

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A1 Played
A2 Cools Down
A3 Dulcinea
A4 Longing
B1 Mirror The Shades
B2 Quality
B3 Almost
B4 Golden Handcuffs

The West Coast’s weirdest hidden trio, Bronze, have been plying their molten composite of metro-gnomic drumming, oscillator raga, hash oil free verse, and serpentine bass patterns for seven years, but sonic documentation remains sparse. The new decade, thankfully, has seen them reversing this deficit, first with 2011’s Copper LP, and now with World Arena, which unfolds another octagon’s worth of spellbound smoke-ringed psych-fusion. Tracked at their Trojan Cavern studio/bunker in San Francisco and mastered in Amsterdam by Ruud Lekx, the record freewheels from tranced polyrhythmic sequencer meditations (“Played,” “Quality”) to burnt chrome post-punk electronics (“Almost”) to jazzy, decadent mystery rituals (“Dulcinea,” “Golden Handcuffs”). The way they weld home-wired circuitry modulation with lofty poetics and intuitive live band dynamics feels finessed and fully-formed – and unusually liberated in today’s world-gone-solo landscape. Live, they’re even more baffling, seesawing from fluid fog-machine narratives to mesmerizing electro-modal jams, owning all zones. Future intercontinental tours should further bolster their standing in metallic arts communities. The Bronze Age is dawning. Black vinyl LPs in jackets with cut-metal photo-collage artwork by the band, plus an 11×17 photocopied insert with lyrics.
Edition of 333 copies.
Includes a photo copied A3 insert with lyrics.

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