Rhythm Damage - Damaged Beyond Repair LP

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Rhythm Damage crashed onto the scene in 1989 and left people confused but wanting more! This album is comprised of carefully selected sledgehammers of Cyber-Punk mayhem. Rhythm Damage's techno screams could be heard from 89 - 92 and were from the combined talents of Rikk Quay (Those Attractive Magnets), Kris Wain, and Jon Damage. A self branded Cyber-Punk band which unashamedly fused intelligently constructed Techno, outrageously offensive in-yer-face Punk, screaming Rap, and charismatic unpredictability (nobody knew what was going to happen next...least of all the band).

(AKA The Vulgar Squad)
consists of the combined imaginations of:
Rikk Quay (lead vocals, synths, samplers, programming)
Kris Wain (backing vocals, synths, samplers, programming)
John Damage (backing vocals, synths)

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