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A1 Krautboy
A2 Dritte Tür Links
A3 Little Monsters
A4 Konsumopolis
A5 Kalte Liebe 2
A6 The Legend Of Strommann
B1 Zu Spät
B2 Schweinehälftenfrau
B3 Ardu Reflektion
B4 Versuch Nr. 780
B5 Down In The Cave
B6 Dancing In France
B7 Zukunft War Heute

SICKDOLL quickly made a name for himself with a contribution to the "2 Shirts And 2 Pants Vol. 5" sampler, an appearance at the second Kernkrach Festival and a single on Hertz Schrittmacher. Now is the first LP, also on Hertz pacemaker, before and you can once again look forward to catchy Electro-Wave. Of course, the roots of SICKDOLL are still in the early 80s, when with simple means much minimal New Wave sound was created, this time there are a few additional NDW influences to hear, which makes the music over LP length a bit more varied. The role models may be on the one hand with greats such as Gary Numan and Mark Lane, on the other hand, but also with minimal wave heroes like Dark Day, Van Kaye & Ignit, Jeff & Jane Hudson or, to name something more current , Oppenheimer Analysis. One or the other plate of Trisomy 21 or Twice A Man should also have SICKDOLL in the closet. That sounds like a good mix and can really convince throughout. Only the vocals are not always perfectly mixed. For example, if the Greek Human Puppets did not manage to produce a completely good album after a great single, SICKDOLL succeeds without any problems. I can really listen to the record in one piece, without any loss. Even if the music does not sound self-contained, it does not really bother you, because it delivers the sound that you expect in the early '80s-inspired minimal electro-wave, be it the atmospheric or the danceable version.
The usual limitation (350 copies), a chic packaging and a supplementary sheet and a part of the edition or a comic book supplement make this release from the house Kernkrach a hit that I like even better than the single. (AP)

Limited edition of 350 copies

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