Dark Entries Records is proud to celebrate its 3 year anniversary this July with 3 brand new reissues, 3 represses of out of print titles, an all new website and offical t-shirts with our logo on the front! Its been a busy month of firsts: X RAY POP first 3 singles plus debut demo cassette on vinyl finally, a cassette of movie soundtracks by BORGHESIA from 1983/84 and the long awaited STRESS compilation of cassette material complete with fanzine! Plus we re-pressed The Neon Judgement, Nagamatzu and Death Domain! We look forward to another successful year and we have our fans and supporters to thank!

DE-029   X RAY POP – The Dream Machine LP
X RAY POP are the synth-pop duo of Doc Pilot and Zouka Dzaza from Tours, France. They got their start in the no wave art group Bocal 5 in 1981 and split off in 1984 to focus on their own brand of quirky synthesized electronics. Influenced by Erik Satie, Brigitte Bardot, Suicide and Young Marble Giants, they call their music “minimum naive new wave.” Armed with a Casio PT-20 keyboard and a rudimentary Yamaha MR10 drum machine they recorded their demo cassette and first 7″ “Eurasienne”/ “La Machine à Rêver” in 1984. Upgrading their synthesizers and adding some saxophone and guitar, they recorded the “Alcool”/ “Amazone” 7″ in 1985 and the  “DS”/” El Gato” 7″ in 1986.
“The Dream Machine” collects X RAY POP’s first three 7″ singles plus 8 songs from their demo cassette, never released on vinyl before. Their songs are short, concise and well structured; richly textured, moving at a quick speed with hardly a pause. The demos show a sense of humor, vitality and carefree playfulness.  Zouka’s pouting, tongue-in-cheek vocals (sung in French) come together for a catchy, sensuous, danceable, eccentric psychedelic ride. Reminiscent of the Mo-dettes, early OMD or Algebra Suicide, X RAY POP could be the missing link to Stereolab.

All songs have been remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley directly from the original master tapes. Each LP comes in a neon yellow jacket with an 8 page booklet full of unreleased photos, original artwork and lyrics. 28 years later, this is the first time since the original issue that the songs of X RAY POP are reappearing on vinyl again, but is the world ready?
Sound samples:

DE-028  Borghesia – Clones LP
Borghesia is an electronic music group, founded in 1982 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The band  was formed by four members of alternative theatrical group Theatre FV-112/15: Dario Seraval, Aldo Ivancic, Neven Korda and Zemira Alajbegovic. They established FV Video to self-publish their video projects and FV Založba – the first independent record label in ex-Yugoslavia. Aldo and Dario took care of songwriting, production and recording while Zemira and Neven handled the visuals. In the late 80s the band signed to PIAS and went on to release a string of successful albums and played world-wide tours.
“Clones” was Borghesia’s second album, self-released on cassette only in 1984. The band borrowed synthesizers (Roland SH-101, Casio VL-1, Korg Polysix) and a Roland 808 drum machine from friends. Every song was played live – no overdubs – and recorded to a cassette deck over a few nights at their club Disco FV during 1983-1984. The music on “Clones” is meant to accompany various video installations and performances. All of the songs are instrumental and feature various cutting edge techniques for 1983. Hypnotic, proto-techno and acid rhythms and synth lines. Music on the A Side of the LP is faster and club oriented while the B Side offers a drugged out soundtrack to get lost in.
Sound samples:

DE-027 Stress – Conspiracy Theory LP
STRESS is the duo of Alan Rider and Phil Clarke from West Midlands, England formed in 1981.  Alan was editor of Coventry fanzine “Adventures in Reality”, and Phil was editor of Nuneaton fanzine  “Damn Latin.” Stress combined electronic rhythms and keyboards with bass guitar, vocals, percussion, and cut-up samples. They created catchy electronic pop songs that fused accessible & experimental elements with a pointed lyrical edge in the vein of Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode and Joy Division.
Their first two albums were cassette releases on Alan’s own Adventures in Reality Recordings label. “Help Comes Too Late” in 1982 followed by “Restraint” in 1984.  In July 1985 Stress released “The Big Wheel” album and appeared on numerous cassette and vinyl compilations worldwide. More gigs and press followed and the album took the Number 1 spot in the NME’s electronic charts. Stress split in September 1985 and re-formed briefly in 1991 to record two tracks.
“Conspiracy Theory” is an 11-song ‘best of’ compilation album featuring tracks from the first two cassette albums with “The Prayer Clock” from Third Mind Records’ ‘Life At The Top’ compilation LP and “Tear It Down” from the ’Compulsory Overtime’ compilation LP. Each song has been carefully remastered by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each LP also includes a 16-page booklet “Stress Edition” of Adventures in Reality fanzine with photos, equipment list, press cuttings, lyrics and an exclusive Stress badge.
Sound samples:

We’ve also decided to continue our repressing campaign of Dark Entries titles that were out of print:  

DE-007 Neon Judgement – Early Tapes LP
Dark Entries has dug deep into the early days of the Belgian cassette scene to release two tapes by The Neon Judgment in the form of one vinyl LP for the first time ever! These pioneers of underground electronic music hail from the small town of Leuven near Brussels, Belgium and gave birth to the New Beat and EBM scenes worldwide in 1981/2 with the release of their first two cassettes–neatly compiled here as Early Tapes. Always a consistent duo of Dirk Da Davo (synthesizers, vocals) and TB Frank (guitar, drum machine, vocals) The Neon Judgment worked in a parallel world alongside Suicide, Cabaret Voltaire, and the Deutsche Neue Welle recording under the watchful eyes of Roland Beelen (Antler-Subway) & Ludo Camerberlin (A Blaze Colour).
Arriving just in time to celebrate the Neon Judgment’s 30th anniversary, Early Tapes showcases the band’s brash and seedy lyrics, with raw synth stabs and repetitive drum machine beats adding to this rhythmic discourse. The result is a combination of lo-fi technology and emotional sincerity to create a sound both warm yet alienating that has stood the test of time and 30 years later, still evokes the same magic. The 10 songs on this LP were remastered from the original cassette masters resulting in a cohesive, gritty, maniacal dance program that sounds more relevant today than ever. Each sleeve is housed in a NEON RED jacket and includes an 11×11 lyric sheet including rare photos and a mini poster from their first concert.
Sound samples:

DE-009   Nagamatzu – Sacred Islands of the Mad LP
Dark Entries is honored to present the highly limited second cassette by British duo Nagamatzu for the first time ever on vinyl. “Sacred Islands of the Mad” is a collection of eleven tracks recorded between December 1984 and March 1986 in London by Andrew Lagowski (SETI, Legion, Terror Against Terror) on synths, guitar, and drum machines and Stephen Jarvis (Pure Motorised Instinct, Terraform) on synths, bass and programming.
Nagamatzu began in 1982 after messing around with old tape machines and drum boxes, making numerous contributions to international compilations and erratically releasing their own cassettes. Their name comes from a character in JG Ballard‘s “Atrocity Exhibition” and their music reflects his influence and incorporates samples from the Challenger shuttle disaster, Gregorian chants and films including “Dawn of the Dead” and “The Omen.” All the songs were recorded onto a Ferrograph reel to reel in a small room at their parent’s house and some of the backing rhythms and sequencers were recorded first onto cassette and then the band played along live. Nagamatzu’s instrumentals combine stuttering bass, guitar bursts and funeral keyboards draped over a dragging drum machine beat, calling to mind Clock DVA, Cabaret Voltaire and early New Order or Cocteau Twins. “Sacred Islands of the Mad” is a complex, textured tapestry of sound full of dark electronics, fresh harmonies and danceable rhythms.
All songs have been remastered especially for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley from the original cassette masters. Each LP is housed in a sleek black jacket with spot gloss lettering and includes a newsprint zine full of fliers, gig tickets, ads, and photos plus 2 postcards designed by VII SINS. Sound samples:

DE-002   Death Domain – Ethidium Bromide 7″
Death Domain aka Adam Stroupe is a science nerd from Baltimore and, like me, wears it as a badge of honor. His sound is undoubtedly one of the most bewildering, disorienting yet magnetic and infectious slices of downright bleak takes on synth-based dance music. A one man all-live-analog electronic ice machine (who is also behind ‘SIDS’ – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). His sound is as cryptically raw as it gets – summoning the seminal Industrial/EBM sounds of the likes of early Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, and The Normal. Each 7″ jacket is silk screened with 4 possible covers that feature a different glow-in-the-dark letter corresponding to base pairs of DNA: A,C,T,or G. Also included are 2 postcards with lyrics and scientific drawings for those without an imagination.
Sound samples:

AND! we made some offical Dark Entries T-shirts

We asked our friend at BAD SKULLS screenprinters to silk screen us some Dark Entries T-shirts on Hanes soft style tees (American apparel style) 100% fine jersey cotton, lightweight, preshrunk jersey knit, tag-free neck label, contemporary fit. BLACK ONLY. AVAILABLE IN SIZES: S, M, L, XL, XXL
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Our next three releases will be ready September 25, 2012:
DE-030 ADN’ Ckrystall ‎- Jazz’ Mad LP (30th anniversary edition)
DE-031 Linea Aspera – Linea Aspera LP
DE-032 Lives of Angels – Elevator To Eden LP

Thanks for your support!

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