Digging with r.l. crutchfield's Dark Day

May 2, 2010

Up next on Dark Entries is the sophomore LP from r.l. crutchfield's Dark Day

Originally released on Dutch label Plexus in 1982 this LP showcased a stripped down Dark Day duo consisting of Robin Crutchfield and Bill Sack.

I was lucky enough to meet up with Robin Crutchfield while in New York two weeks ago and gathered materials for the re-issue due out this May.

Here is a video of Robin and I going over old contact sheets and newspaper reviews:

[youtube hDKglR37zJY]

and here are some photos of the archeological dig:

contact sheet

finally is a video of George Horn re-mastering the title track "Window" at Fantasy Studios last month!

[youtube EHrDnNcR1rA]

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