ADN’ Ckrystall is the moniker of synthesizer wizard Érick Moncollin from Tarbes, France. In 1977 Moncollin spent time in Paris experimenting with synthesizers, jamming alongside composers Vangelis and Tim Blake. It was here that he obtained a prototype of the Korg MS-20, a legendary synthesizer. While attending art school in Tolouse, Érick met Benoit Hutin, who offered a studio for the recording of the “Jazz’Mad” album. The entire album was recorded over a 4 day period in 1980. The sound of “Jazz’Mad” revolves around the synthesizer, utilizing the instrument to all its capacities. ADN was Influenced by New Wave bands that incorporated keyboards into their songs like Gary Numan/Tubeway Army, and Simple Minds, as well as Prog Rock and Krautrock bands such as Hawkwind, Heldon, Gong, and Neu!. The result is an unconventional and discordant conglomeration of synthesizers, drum machines, and vocals that cradle the edge of the brain. Most of the songs are long instrumental pieces but when Érick sings his lyrics favor love, drugs, and science fiction themes.
In 1984, the famous ‘IN-Edit’7″ep including the underground hit ‘Deutsch Napalm’ was released .In 1987 a flexi disc in art’mag was released entitled ‘Museum EP’. From 1985 to 1988 ADN’ Ckrystall was a real band who played many live shows. A very limited cassette tape follows in 1991 “La Couleur Du Vent”
In 2005 ADN released a new album entitled “Synthesizers And Other Electronic Masturbators” on Anna Logue Records. Then in 2008 they released the Minilab LP and in 2009 the Orgasmatron(ic) LP both on Anna Logue Records. ADN’ Ckrystall continues to create music and tour to this day. WE ALL ARE MADE OF ADN’ CKRYSTALL





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