Eleven Pond was James Tabbi (vocals, acoustic guitar), Jeff Gallea (drum programs, synthesizer, vocals), Jack Schaeffer (electric guitar) and Dan Brumley (synthesizer, samples, vocoder, melodica) from Rochester, NY, USA, who met in art school with a shared interest in 4AD and Factory Records. In 1986, they self-released their debut LP “Bas Relief” before dissolving into obscurity. Long sought after by collectors, “Bas Relief” was a one time pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies.

Their sound – a merging of post punk’s dark dance and synthpop’s melodic arrangements–reflected the originality of gifted songwriters. They seemed to take cues from Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division/early New Order, Fad Gadget, and Depeche Mode. In 2007 Dark Entries reached out to band member Jeff Gallea to reissue the “Bas Relief” album on a vinyl LP. In cooperation with the band members, “Bas Relief” was been remastered from the original 2-track analogue masters by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. In July 2009 the “Bas Relief” LP was re-released in another limited edition of 500 hand-numbered/silk-screened copies with a CD version following in 2011 via Other Voices Records. Today, James Tabbi is the CEO of Tabtronics and board member of other technology corporations while Jeff Gallea is a leather accessories designer and indie filmmaker living in Los Angeles.




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