Zwischenfall formed in 1982 with Michael Sass (synths), Martin Urban (bass/vocals) and Stephan Kraemer (guitar/drums)–all of German descent. They were united by musical sensibilities that combined electronic and traditional instruments developing the basis for their 1982 demo recordings. By chance Patrick Codenys of the Belgian electro pioneers FRONT 242 heard two songs and decided to record a 4-song EP for the electro band’s newly formed label MASK. The Heute EP was released in 1983 after a week of recording in Front’s private studio under the direction of sound-whiz Daniel B. Bearing in mind MIDI had not been invented at the time, the recording involved some extensive sound sculpting including the use of individual synths (PPG Wave, Syrinx, Roland System 100, etc.) for separate drum sounds. To create an organic feel to the combination of acoustic and electric guitar, a trumpet and a bass were incorporated into the electronic arrangements. Sonically way ahead of their time, Zwischenfall have a distinct sound with hard rhythms and melancholic melodies that blend minimal yet catchy electronics to create a very danceable production. In 1984 came their final release, the “Sandy Eyes” 12″ on Les Disques Du Crépuscule / Fuzz Dance. In 1995 Subtronic Records released the CD compilation “Gestern Und Heute” collecting songs from 1981-1985. Today Stephan Kraemer is a music producer and sound engineer in his studio in Germany.


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