April 9, 2022
Hassan Ideddir - Atfalouna

Our first reissue of 2022 is out nowBuy Vinyl/Digital: https://hassanideddir.bandcamp.com/album/atfalouna Hassan Ideddir - Atfalouna Atfalouna     Atfalouna (Instrumental)    IbiniYdouchababe  Hassan Ideddir’s 1989 single “Atfalouna” sees an expanded repress courtesy of Dark Entries. Born to Berber parents in Morocco, Ideddir began making music at the age of 10 after being discovered singing in the stairwell by his school’s […]

April 9, 2022
Lena Platonos - Piercing Red

First Ever Lena Platonos Lyric and Poem Book In English Out May 1st Buy Here: https://www.darkentriesrecords.com/store/merchandise/lena-platonos-piercing-red/ Lena Platonos - Piercing Red The poetry of groundbreaking Greek artist Lena Platonos takes center stage in Piercing Red: Collected Poems and Lyrics 1984–2008. Best known for her radical electronic music compositions, her innovative work as a poet has been underacknowledged, in […]

April 9, 2022
Bezier - Valenica

Our first release of 2022 is out now! Vinyl/Digital:  https://bezier.bandcamp.com/album/valencia Bézier - Valencia ResurrectionPast The MarshesValenciaReservoir (feat Len.Leo)ScrupulousRavel   Bézier returns to Dark Entries with Valencia, a six track rumination on memory, geography, and transmutation. Multi-instrumentalist Robert Yang’s Bézier project has appeared on Dark Entries many times over the last decade, most recently with the 2018 LP Parler […]

October 22, 2021
Lena Platonos - Balancers

Previously unreleased material recorded 1982-1985from Greek electronic music legend out nowBuy Vinyl/Digital: https://lenaplatonos.bandcamp.com/album/balancers Lena PlatonosBalancersRelease Date: October 21, 2021 Salome’s DanceA Cat on the CornerWeddingIn SeptemberNow, While You Wait for Your LoveSanctuary in Ionian RhythmAchilleon, Palace in CorfuPhaethonHennaPLAPAL StepsRosalia PerfumeRussian LamentImmortalFriday, 9-9-1983     Greek electronic music legend Lena Platonos returns to Dark Entries with Balancers, an LP of […]

October 22, 2021
Mexican Tecno Pop

First ever vinyl compilation of Mexican New Wave and post-punk OUT NOWBuy Vinyl/Digital: https://darkentriesrecords.bandcamp.com/album/back-up-mexican-tecno-pop-1980-1989 Various Artists Back Up: Mexican Tecno Pop 1980-1989Release date: Friday, September 24th 2021 Avant Garde - PesadillasVandana - Cambios En El TiempoSyntoma - No Me Puedo ControlarArtefacto - Mundo Sin VientoCou Cou Bazar - Cou Cou BazarVolti - CorazónNahtabisk - La Dama De […]

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