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“A strange new wave of retro washes over Bay music and nightlife” by Marke B.

This week’s San Francisco Bay Guardian featured an in-depth look at the “wave” scene, drawing quotes from Pieter Schoolwerth of WIERD Records and Veronika Vasicka of MINIMAL WAVE.

The article also covers all of the new and upcoming bands and nights that San Francisco has to offer. From parties: Nachtmusik to Warm Leatherette and bands: The Soft Moon, Ssleeping Desiress, Muscle Drum and Veil Veil Vanish

Here’s a bit of the article on Dark Entries:

In 2009, Cheon started Dark Entries Records ( to release some of his finds, including Second Decay, Zwischenfall, Those Attractive Magnets, and upstate New York’s Eleven Pond, whose “Watching Trees” has become a wave anthem of sorts. (He found Eleven Pond through a comment one of the members posted on SF synth collector Goutroy’s A Viable Commercial blog,

Staying true to the “DIY vinyl retrograde” spirit, Dark Entries releases come in hand-numbered batches of 500, and for the most part the digital rights are kept by the artists themselves. There are no CDs.

He shrugs off the possibility that there’s little left to discover. “It’s like gold mine after gold mine,” Cheon told me. “There’s just so much out there — even the artists themselves are surprised to be reminded of this time in their lives that they’d mostly forgotten. It’s actually really touching when they find out there’s an intense interest in what they did in their youth. They’re just amazed.”

Later this year he’ll be releasing a Bay Area Retrograde (BART) compilation, highlighting our own historical wave purveyors. “What many people forget is San Francisco’s rich synthpop and new wave history, with bands like Voice Farm, Tuxedomoon, the Units, and the Club Foot scene for starters. [Factrix, Minimal Man, and Los Microwaves are some others.] But that’s just scratching the surface. I mean, who knows what great tracks are waiting to be heard? And what amazing stories behind them.”

If you live in the city pick up a copy and come out the parties next week and DANCE!


Wed/14 and second Wednesdays, 10 p.m., $3

The Knockout

3223 Mission, SF


Fri/16 and third Fridays, 9 p.m., free

Space Gallery

1141 Polk, SF


Tue/20, 8 p.m., pay what you can

21 Grand

416 25th St., Oakl.

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