Dark Entries on WFMU

Last week Dark Entries had the privilege to guest DJ on WFMU with Marty McSorley for the last hour of his radio show. We gave a sneak peak into what 2012 is shaping up to look like and played unreleased songs from the never-released sophomore album by XEX. You can see our playlist below and listen to our segment of the show HERE


Playlist for Marty McSorley – November 8, 2011

Artist Track Album Year
Dark Day  Live at the Mudd Club w/ Nina Canal  1979 
XEX  Fun In The Sun   xex: change  1981 
Borghesia  Lustmorder   Clones  1983 
Buzz  Kennedy   See you Sioux  1986 
Vita Noctis  These Lies   Against The Rule  1985 
The Product  Drowning   Alive Again  1984 
Vocoder  Que Sucede ahora? (what happens now?)   1984 
Data Bank A  Shapes of Love   The Citadel  1984 
Sic  Voltage Control   Thought Noises  1981 
Dance Society  Seen The Light   Demos Vol 1  1983 
Siekiera  Idziemy Przez Las  Nowa Aleksandria  1986 

System Liliputt on display in the NEW RELEASES box

One small section of the massive WFMU Library!

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