Excited on entrance, but cool on the surface

Who knew that one year ago this week Dark Entries would have 5 releases under her belt and 3 more in the oven! Times like these call for celebration, so this Sunday July 11 will be the one year birthday party for Dark Entries at Honey Sundays with the LIVE DEBUT of Robot Hustle!!!

Event Info HERE

Please also check out the SHOP for new items from Godspill in the NETHERLANDS!

Legowelt – Gardens Of The Ghetto 12″ EP
IBM – A Music Box Reflection 12″
Various – Bronson Quest EP
Angel Face – Angel Face 12″
Jackmaster Corky – Dimension M 12″
Crème Organization – A Tribute to Robert Moog 1 12″
Africans With Mainframes – Mogadishu 12″
Gino Felino – Spend The Night 12″
Faceless Mind – Faceless EP
Kassen – Kassen LP
Avida – Il Grillo E La Formica EP
David Kristian – City Without Windows OST LP
Francesco Clemente – Suoni Dalle Ombre Oltre LP
Rude 66 – Sadistic Tendencies 2xLP
Galaxy Toobin Gang – Galaxy Toobin’ LP
Ajello – Magic Feet 12″ EP
Skatebård – Vuelo EP 12″
Sun La Shan – Catch 12″
Guiseppe Manuele – Are You Down EP 12″
Bijou – Bijou EP 12″
Jupiter Black – We Like Moroder (Divider & Starcluster remixes) 12″
Spacelex – Pretty Face EP 12″
Keen K. / P. Muench – The Spiral / Connection Flight EP 12″
Grackle – Genres 12″
Professor Genius – La Grotta 12″
Various Artists – Synthetic Memento 2LP
Monika Novak – Living on the Run 12″
Galaxy Hunter – We Came From Space 12″
Mention – Strange World 12″

and new items from Genetic, Erikti, La Forme Lente, Community Library, 5th Floor Ent, Wierd, Avant!, Blind Prophet , You don’t have to call it music and MORE!

Human Puppets – TV Eye 7″
Units – History of the Units LP
Systematics – What We Did In The Afternoons 2xLP
Frank Just Frank – The Brutal Wave LP
Automelodi – Automelodi LP
Xnno & Oaklander – Sentinelle LP
Led Er Est – Dust On Common LP
Cult of Youth – Filthy Plumage In An Open Sea! mLP
CCCANDY – Lonesome Berlin LP
The Feeling Of Love: Waiting For The Cheerleaders To Get Drunk 7”
Void Vision – In 20 Years 7″
Various Artists – Circuit D’Actes EP
Alexandros – Data – LP
Brigade Internationale – Regard Extrême LP
Die Bunker – Peut-être qu’il n’y a plus rien? (1983-1984) LP
RBE: Raudive Bunker Experiment 2xLP
RBE: Raudive Bunker Experiment – Falling 7″
Various – Milano New Wave 1980-1983 LP
Sixth June – Every Time LP
Hidden Agenda – More Decisions CD
Various – Genotypes CD
Nina Belief – System Of Belief 10″EP
Guerre Froide S/T EP CD

AND… here are two videos of the making of Those Attractive Magnets – Electromagnetic Pulse LP

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Coti K. – Theros

Greek Balearic-ambient IDM Coti K. – Theros Coti K. brings 5 tracks of Balearic-ambient sweetness to Dark Entries. Italian-Greek musician Costantino Luca Rolando Kiriakos has