La Veneno

Veneno hits Dark Entries on June 30th

Cristina La Veneno – Veneno Pa Tu Piel

Veneno Pa Tu Piel (Xtended Version)
Veneno Pa Tu Piel (Single Version)
Rap De La Veneno (House Mix)
Rap De La Veneno (Digo Dub Mix)

Veneno hits Dark Entries! Spain’s most loved transgender TV star arrives on the label in celebration of Madrid Pride on June 30th. Cristina Ortiz fled her home in Almeria at age 13. While working as a sex worker in the Parque del Oeste in Madrid, she was discovered by the TV program “Este Noche Cruzamos el Mississippi”. Her acerbic wit and candid descriptions of life as a sex worker (including graphic use of the microphone as a visual aid) struck program host and director Pepe Navarro, who recognized a star when he saw one. As a regular on the show, La Veneno (The Poison) became a TV sensation and an icon for the trans community. Her music career began in 1996 with the release of “Veneno Pa Tu Piel”, a sassy but mournful Eurobeat number about forbidden love with her johns. The flipside features “El Rap De La Veneno”, a house track over which Veneno improvises some of her famous catchphrases, including her iconic “Digoooo!”. The release was a hit, selling over 50,000 copies in Spain. Two different mixes of both tracks are included on this reissue. Each copy includes an insert with lyrics, notes, and a photo of La Veneno. Celebrate Madrid Pride with these ecstatic gay anthems!

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