Rare Borghesia footage from 1984

“Pier 46” is from the “Clones” cassette that we are re-issuing on vinyl for the first time in July 2012.
This video documents the setting up and operation of the video installation by Borghesia within the frame of the exhibition “Back to the USA” in the Skuc Gallery, Ljubljana, 1984. Borghesia at the time of this film was Zemira Alajbegovic, Goran Devide, Aldo Ivancic, Neven Korda and Dario Seraval. Originally published by: FV Zalozba /SKUC-Forum Ljubljana,1984 Edited by Neven Korda. Cameras by Sinisa Lopojda and Neven Korda.

Zemira Alajbegovic and Neven Korda were the leading members of the FV 112/15 theatre group and FV Disco club from 1982 to 1988. This was where and when got their start working with video. In the 1980s they founded the independent video production FV Video. From 1983 to 1989 they worked in video and as sometime-members of Borghesia (multi-media performances, video clips). They produced a number of music documentaries, music video clips, dance videos, television programmes on art and video films. They both continue to work as free-lance artists.

“In 1981, the FV 112/15 group (later FV), working within the framework of ŠKD Forum Student Cultural Association (and its video section), took over the organisation of the Student Disco programme on Tuesdays, naming it FV Disco. They borrowed disused portable video equipment (ADP – Automatic Data Processing) from the Faculty of Arts (department of psychology) and shot on waste computer tapes. They started to document concerts, projects and events at the FV Disco, which operated until 1985, first in the Student Village in Rožna Dolina, then in the Zgornja Šiška Youth Centre, and finally in the K4 Club. Also created art videos. The group was led by Neven Korda and Zemira Alajbegović, with the collaboration of Dario Sereval, Goran Devidé, Anita Lopojda and others.” taken from Monoskop

You can hear sound clips for the remastered “Clones” LP here:

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