Review: Eleven Pond - Bas Relief LP (DE-001)

July 17, 2009

Read the first review Dark Entries first release Eleven Pond's "Bas Relief" over at A Viable Commercial

"The record was given a new cover (the cover hat Jeff originally wanted way back in 1986), and every copy was silkscreened and hand-numbered for the perfect DIY touch.
This isn't just a minor reissue, it's a wonderfully remastered and lovingly crafted piece of music history.
Seriously, this is how this record was meant to be heard. The difference is noticeable. The bass is deeper, the drums hit harder, the guitars are louder, the vocals are clearer, and the synths... whoa boy, the synths!"

Thanks to Phil (Goutroy) for sharing the original LP that started this whole re-issue!

Pick up your copy in the SHOP. Free shipping in the USA.

Record Release Parties:

Saturday July 25th - MRX @ Roberto's - Los Angeles
Wednesday August 12th - Wierd @ Home Sweet Home - New York

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