Lust For Youth - Growing Seeds

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1. Behind Curtains
2. It's You
3. We Planted A Seed
4. Champagne
5. La Rouge
6. Cover Their Faces
7. Always Changing
8. Modern Life
9. We Got Lust
10. Neon Lights Appear
11. Curtains
12. Neon Lights Appear
13. Young Skin
14. Counting Days (Instrumental)
15. Vanessa

LFY is now Hannes Norrvide solo project. To celebrate the new season, the filthy patina that used to cloak the band's previous recordings has gone to leave room to clearer sounds. That's how you'll find synth-pop hymns along with noisy industrial tracks and powerful EBM beats. Ten songs ( 5 CD only bonus tracks!) to give new life to one of Europe's most interesting synth/wave bands. Limited to 300 copies!

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