Anvil FX - Prova De Biologia


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1 A Vida De Um Poeta Semianalfabeto 3:37
2 La Machine 3:16
3 Diafragma 3:15
4 Handsome Cat 2:49
5 Moshi Moshi 3:01
6 Attitude Spectrale 2:33
7 Loro 3:59
8 Prova De Biologia 3:54
9 Na Tabela 3:45
10 Ding Dong 4:36

Mix of caustic noise, dancing rhythms, minimalist lyrics, Dadaist attitude, inflamed vocals, nonsense themes and analogic synths. Inspirations absorbed from New Wave / Minimal Synth / Post Punk and the European Industrial scene of the 80’s and 90’s. Anvil Fx of today includes vocals from multi-instrumentalist and singer Biba Graeff, accompanied by the factory of insanity, Paulo Beto.

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