Fairy Tales: A Treasury of Gay Jokes


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Fairy Tales: A Treasury of Gay Jokes. Once upon a time, in a land like San Francisco, the good fairies of America broke out of the dark closet where they'd been confined for many years

by evil, wicked step-persons. With the good fairies came their tales—outrageous tales, silly tales, sexy tales, tongue-in-cheek tales, and discriminating tales. A lighthearted, full-bodied (and certainly not limpwristed) collection of humor for and about the millions of Americans who are out of their closets and into the streets...in offices, in condominiums, in warehouses, in bars... at boutiques, at beaches, and at home on the range. First Edition. Paperback. Pinnacle Books, New York, 1985. Brand new dead stock copy. 118 pages

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