Forced Exposure Summer 1985 #7 Sonic Youth


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Forced Exposure Summer 1985 #7 . Rare and out of print early issue of the much-lauded punk/indie-rock/counterculture 106-page, newsprint fanzine (w/ color, cardstock covers) hailed from Waltham, MA, and this issue features lengthy, in-depth interviews with legendary bands such as SONIC YOUTH, The SWANS, NICK CAVE, The NIP DRIVERS, GLENN DANZIG & SAMHAIN, The SCIENTISTS and psych' legends The VELVET UNDERGROUND ! Plus a GUN CLUB Tour Diary , a look at WHITE BOY, COUCH FLAMBEAU, COPERNICUS, as well as a numerous pieces from NICK CAVE, STEVE ALBINI (BIG BLACK, RAPEMAN, SHELLAC ), LYDIA LUNCH, CHRIS D., and TESCO VEE!

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