Forced Exposure Winter 1986 #9 Mission Of Burma


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Forced Exposure Winter 1986 #9 . Rare and out of print early issue of the much-lauded punk/indie-rock/counterculture fanzine "FORCED EXPOSURE", Issue #9 as published in "Winter 1986". This full-size, 106-page, newsprint zine (w/ color, cardstock covers) hailed from Waltham, MA, and this issue features interviews with MISSION OF BURMA, BIG BLACK, The FLAMING LIPS, COUCH FLAMBEAU, musician , and psycho-rock god ROKY ERICKSON. Also, a HALF JAPANESE Tour Diary, pieces by legendary rock scribe RICHARD MELTZER, NICK CAVE, LYDIA LUNCH, CHRIS D., NICK BLINKO, SAVAGE PENCIL, TESCO VEE, STEVE ALBINI, ED FLOWERS, and much, much more! Also page after page of goodies from their contributing staff which includes folks such as RAYMOND PETTIBON, LEE RENALDO, NICK TOSCHES, JOHN CRAWFORD, GARY PANTER, EUGENE CHADBOURNE, GREG TURNER, LEWIS SHINER, HOWARD WUELFING, and tons & tons letters, book/film/record reviews, and more of the usual cutting-edge counterculture stuff.

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