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Josephine Baker Concert Advert 1967. Teatro Blanquita, Mexico City. Color Lithograph on newsprint that looks like risograph gradient. Measures 8.5x13" "The entrepreneurs of the Blanquita Theater, attentive to their business, present Josephine Baker, a French artist who visits us periodically, as the main attraction in their new magazine. The art of the Baker is the song said and performed in a singular way. Her lavish wardrobe always frames her as a detail of good taste. She knows how to fill the stage with her presence, and she knows how to reach all sectors of the public with her grace and grace. Her presentation in Mexico has always been a magnificent show, and Baker, who knows it, returns to her audience that admires her. The company presents it due to schedule problems within a whole that makes up the Blanquita show. Magnificently dressed models looking for Parisian reminiscences, precede her in her appearance on stage, which she alone fills with her art. Also on the bill were comedians Pompín and Nacho, Borolas, Mantequilla, Jasso, Celia Viveros and Resortes.

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