Love and Radiation - You WIll Know Me CD


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1. Winter 04:13
2. Iron Child 02:48
3. Ganymede 02:20
4. Augury 02:43
5. Heart Eater 03:00
6. Hunger Moon 03:34
7. Three Kingdoms 02:28
8. Look For My Sign 02:30

Love and Radiation is the project of Adele Nicholas and Lakshmi Ramgopal, vocalists, songwriters and multi-instrumentalists based in Chicago. Love and Radiation's first album, You Will Know Me, was released on April 9, 2013. Propulsive beats, moody synths and unexpected dissonances create a haunting soundscape. Evoking meditative forests alongside pulsing dance floors, You Will Know Me explores darkness and ritualism with an urgency hard to dismiss.

[soundcloud width="500" params="color=222222&theme_color=000000"][/soundcloud]

[soundcloud width="500" params="color=222222&theme_color=000000"][/soundcloud]

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