Newsweek Magazine June 21, 1993


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Newsweek Magazine June 21, 1993 "Lesbians, Coming Out Strong: What Are the Limits of Tolerance? Lesbians have always been the invisible homosexuals. But suddenly gay women are out of the closet and demonstrating their clout. On sitcoms and in Senate hearing rooms, Americans are finally getting a glimpse behind the old stereotypes and seeing the diversity of lesbian culture. But what are the limits of tolerance? Will the new visibility trigger a backlash? As the victims of both homophobia and sexism, lesbians will find hurdles ahead." Featuring a lesbian couple on the cover (Catherine Angiel, and Ashley Herrin), the article largely contrasted stereotypical "butch" lesbians with more feminine "lipstick" lesbians, who were more likely to go undetected by the general population.

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