Original Handbill Fortune & Men's Eye


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Original Handbill for Fortune & Men's Eye. West Coast production of the controversial gay-themed prison drama "FORTUNE & MEN'S EYES" at the Coronet Theatre in Los Angeles, California The West Coast production opened January 9th, 1969 and ran until July 1969. Directed by SAL MINEO, this groundbreaking play was the first stage production to include a simulated rape scene (full nudity) between two men. The two actors involved in the scene were SAL MINEO as "Rocky" and nineteen year-old DON JOHNSON as "Smitty". Other members of the cast included ROGER GARRETT as "Mona", TOM REESE as "The Guard" and MICHAEL GREER as the street-wise drag queen "Queenie". Measures 10.5" x 6"

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