Patternclear - Beat Supremacy CD


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01 Blueprint
02 Diasporar
03 Hunted
04 Imperialist
05 Deadness
06 Sleepwalking
07 Miasma
08 Lines Of Fire
09 No Second Chance
10 Great Wall
11 Ramped-Up
12 Remorscode

From England this electro outfit offers hard techno-pop to dance and to listen to. Compared to the likes of New Order, Front 242 and A Certain Ratio they not only play up-beat dance tunes but can also convince with soundtrack orientated instrumentals. This album was produced by Martin Bowes (Attrition) and features guest vocalists Elizabeth S. and Martin Bates (Eyeless In Gaza). "Excellent discovery.....finest british electro-pop......a real promising album...." (New Life, GER), "elegant effective debut" (Drowning News, GER)

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