Richard Roesener Line Drawing


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Artwork by Richard Roesener (aka Dale Hall). Richard Roesener was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana. He moved to San Francisco in 1977 from Chicago, where he was chief scientific illustrator at the Field Museum of Natural History. Unsure if this is some type of print (like an aquatint) or an original one of a kind. The heavy blackened area is thickly applied and you can see the strokes when viewed at an angle in light and the impression made from the ink of this area on the back. This has been examined with a loop and is not an offset print. Done on a good quality thick art paper. This is signed with a stylized R that looks like a D. Roesener was known to sign his art work in ways that would shield his profession as a scientific illustrator. Measures 11"x14"

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