Ripper Fanzine #7 May 1982


About this product

Ripper Fanzine #7 May 1982. Bay-area punk and hardcore zine. Opens with a brutal review of a recent Misfits show, where the band played only three songs before a fight broke out between the ill-tempered band and several locals ending in complete disaster. The piece doesn’t just chronicle what seems like a legendarily catastrophic show; it also serves as a testament to the unbreakable ethos of community that hardcore scenes are built on. Features the inaugural “Flare-Ups” section, which spotlights up-and-coming local bands. The highlight of this issue is an interview with H.R. from Bad Brains, hailed by the East Coast scene as “the best band on Earth,” conducted during their first national tour. H.R. covers living in NYC versus D.C., the band’s musical and spiritual influences, the outlook of the scene at large, as well as his Rastafari beliefs.40 pages newsprint Measures 8.5×11″

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