Studio 54 Jeans Poster


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A 1979 ad for Studio 54 jeans by Gordon Munro and Peter Rogers, with jeans designed by Norma Kamali with a company called Land Lubber. "Gloria Vanderbilt had her fashion show at Studio 54 for her jeans. Calvin Klein said a man came up to him at 4AM in and said, ‘Have you ever considered designing jeans, blue jeans?’ And then Studio 54 decided that they should make Studio 54 jeans. Peter Rogers had written that great tagline, ‘What becomes a legend most’ for Backglama mink. And now for this he wrote, ‘Now everybody can get into Studio 54,’ a riff on people not being able to get past the velvet rope.” Mint Condition, no pinholes. Measures 17"x22"

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