The Cockettes & Sylvester Invitation Flyer 1971


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Invitation for The Cockettes & Sylvester at The Anderson Theatre, New York City November, 1971. Designed by Todd Trexler. Offset lithograph on cardstock. Measures 5" x 6”.

"New Yorkers do not suffer amateurs, or non-New Yorkers, gladly. What had seemed goofily, hippily charming to San Francisco—the Cockettes’ looseness, their inability to project their voices or use mikes properly, their tendency to run into sets and into each other—appeared to New Yorkers simply incompetent. “Whereas in San Francisco it had more of an event status, in New York it just seemed tacky,” says Rex Reed. “In San Francisco it all seemed wonderful and spontaneous and nutty. Here in New York it just seemed ridiculous, much ado about nothing.” - Joshua Gamson 'The Fabulous Sylvester'

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