The Silent Section ‎- A Final Delerium


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01 Will It End
02 Traces Of The White End
03 Loss Of Consciousness
04 Never Again
05 Frightened
06 The Spectator
07 White Room
08 In Snow Forever
09 Concrete Cell
10 Vehement And Hateful
11 Sand
12 Vague Imitation

Formed in 1999 in Odense, Denmark. A three-piece band, consisting of: Nicolas Carlsen, Morten Møllebjerg, Morten N. Carlsen. The music is most of the time balancing between an extremely sensitive and fragile expression to the very powerful and noisy. The mood in the music changes and the contrasts are most of the time in focus. From a tender and light sound to a razor-cutting noisy chaos. The musical experience is an individual thing, that each person themselves must find in the music of The Silent Section, so further characterisation is unnecessary. The songs are very varied in expression and the way they are performed. The band consists of three different individuals with inspiration from different places, which can be sensed in their music. The Silent Section released their debut album 'A Final Delirium' in 2009 on the label Tryghed & Tristesse.

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