The Sixties by Guy Franks/Jim Jocoy


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Original copy of late 1970s punk/art fanzine The Sixties by Guy Franks aka Jim Jocoy, legendary SF photographer. Self-Published by Widows and Orphans, 1978. In 1976 at the start of the San Francisco punk scene, Jocoy became a student at UC Santa Cruz. By 1977 he had dropped out of school and turned his attention to the club scene. Jocoy obsessively photographed what was in front of him. In bedrooms, bathrooms, strip clubs, at punk shows at Mabuhay Gardens, alleyways and bars. Jocoy found outlets for showcasing his photos in his own punk/art zine, Widows and Orphans, as well as in seminal SF zines Search and Destroy, REsearch, and Punk Globe. Includes a loose photo of Jacoy too! Measures 8 x 11"

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