Warning Fanzine Issue #13


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Warning Fanzine Issue #13 Nov/Dec 1984. Two Year Anniversary Issue. Cover by F. Harlan Letters and Stuff, Local News (The Exhumed, Psychedelic Skeletons, Skate Death, Clyng-Onz, Bomb Factory zine) by B. Bored, Proces Interview, “Call To Action” by Michael Eisner (not “the” Michael Eisner), Dead End Interview, Baboon Dooley comics, Cassette-Only (Reviews) by Bill Bored, “Skate Terrorists” comic by Linda Crothers, “The Adventure in Sandboarding” by Jim Kazanjian, Ska Report by Staff, Unclassifieds, Record Reviews by B. Bored and Various Staff, Baboon Dooley comics, “A Brief History of Punk in the US” by Will Power, More Records, Hey It’s The NY/NJ Mod Scene by Mick London, Gnarly Beef Report by Karl Augstead, Last Words Crossword. 27 pages. Measures 8 x 11"

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