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A focused collection of 10 illustrated auspicious artifacts, symbols, and creatures from Ancient Chinese folk religion and mythology that provide insight into Chinese culture and society today from an artistic perspective. Belief in auspiciousness, the positive manifestation of superstition, is deeply embedded in Chinese culture that has mystic tangling roots in Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Despite countless political and social upheavals with those in power trying to erase origin stories, simplify languages, and oppress ethnic minorities, the cultural relevance behind these artifacts and many others has prevailed. They remind us of the depth and diversity of China, breaking down the abstract monolith it can sometimes be viewed as outside of Asia, that leads to misunderstanding and prejudice against it. In light of current events, and the rise of racism towards Asians worldwide since the spread of Covid-19, this zine focuses on the beauty of China instead and acts as a small portal for non-natives to become more educated about this culture before judging all the people from it as if they have any control over the political corruption there and elsewhere. As a Chinese-American, it is also a personal exploration of heritage, and attempt to learn and share knowledge about China more accurately than the over-simplification and misinterpretation that often happens thru a white Western lens, especially in New Age culture. Every zine includes a “hongbao,” traditional lucky red envelope with Fu-Lu-Shou gift of an ancient Taoist talisman reproduction to protect against epidemic disease, and Peony of Prosperity sticker inside for good luck and health in the Lunar New Year. 20% of proceeds will be donated to the AAPI Community Fund (www.gofundme.com/f/support-aapi-community-fund) to empower, uplift, and protect the AAPI community against the rise of racist attacks since the spread of Covid-19. DETAILS: – Risoprinted in Red ink on 120gsm Metapaper by Drucken3000 (www.drucken3000.de) – A6 size, 20 pages – 1 “hongbao” lucky red envelope with paper Fu-Lu-Shou gift inside – Handbound pamphlet-stitched with red jute twine – First edition numbered and limited to 80 copies

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