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8.5x11 Archival Black and White Prints never circulated before.
Choose from 6 different designs.

Rubber Enema (1976)
Pleasure Chest (1976)
The Kiss (1977)
Boot Lickers (1979)
Suck Hole (1980)
Rawhide String (1981)
Leatherstud (1981)

100% of proceeds goes to REX

REX is an American artist, whose career began in New York in the mid-‘60s. His meticulous black and white homoerotic drawings, rendered in a pointillist pen and ink technique, first appeared at a seminal moment in the ‘60s, when photographic pornography was still illegal but drawings and stories were protected by Supreme Court “free speech” rulings in the United States.
His art was showcased in a number of pioneering gay American publications such as THE ADVOCATE and DRUMMER MAGAZINE. However, it was his hardcore drawings in a series of self-published portfolios circulating underground in America and Europe, that cemented his reputation as a leading cult artist of esoteric sexual imagery over the past five decades. His most internationally recognized work was a series of iconic posters and t-shirt designs for the legendary New York sex club THE MINESHAFT.
A limited edition portfolio of his work — REXWERK - was published in Paris in 1986 and a hard cover retrospective of his work REX -VERBOTEN was published by BRUNO GMUNDER in Berlin 2012. As a chiaroscuro illustrator of perverse and psychologically disturbing images, he was branded “persona non grata” by the American art establishment which until today has refused to acknowledge his fecund imagery. The artist resides in the Netherlands where he continues to work.
Works by the artist may be viewed online at

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Rubber Enema (1976), Pleasure Chest (1976), The Kiss (1977), Boot Lickers (1979), Suck Hole (1980), Rawhide String (1981), Leatherstud (1981), Invitation Direct (1982), Come A Little Closer (1983), Rexwerk (1986), Hypnotic (1990), Kurt And Klaus (1991)

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