About this product

A handmade, illustrated mini-book using an original and unedited spam text emailed by a Chinese printer. DETAILS: – Second Edition: Risoprinted in SILVER ink on 270gsm black cardstock – 7.5×7.5 cm square, 8 pages – Accordian-bound by hand with silver spine tape – Numbered limited edition of 50 copies Spam text in full: “moonlight vertically, puppet messengers from jet black, long hair sparkling pale physique illuminate the darkness just art seemed was. Tea is brewing in celadon device, marble pillars that suck the moonlight, and white than alabaster, such as alabaster, peel, such as latex she cuddled on the windowsill shyly, covering the whole body with curtains and his long black hair. But you know. Tomoyo-chan. I do not What a shy thing. I know Even what about you. You know Even what about me. Last job that was left to us, it is that it will Majiwa. I Kimi month in the sun. It’s gonna cause a solar eclipse. The name of the bloom flowers not only on the day of the eclipse, and paddle you know? To fulfill this fellowship, the flowers I disappear from the world. Whether you us accept me? Or can I accept you? Now, by fluttering the pure white of the curtain! And let Nabika the jet-black hair! The Ideyo you to my chest. Let’s confine the sun in the month. And I will Tokeao to Futari forever.”

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