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01. Distance 02. This Game Has No Name 03. Apocalypse Ride 04. Different Eyes 05. Electromagnetic 06. Neuromancy 07. Terrorist 08. Fahrenheit 09. Reality 10. Dream Cascade 11. This Game Has No Name (Remix By Sumerian Fleet) 12. Apocalypse Ride (Remix By Dawnward Path) The second album of Florence Foster Fan Club aka FFFC entitled “Asymmetric” is released on Wave Records with ten original tracks and two remixes by Sumerian Fleet and Downward Path. Similar to the first album, FFFC on ‘Asymmetric’ remain consistent with the social issues and themes. The sound of “Asymmetric” is a diverse pattern of electronic music styles, ranging from hard beats and fierce bass lines to a more melodic synth-pop. Old skool with a modern and personal touch.

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