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Kania Tiefffer / Family Jewels – Split 7″


About this product

A1 Kania Tieffer – Teppi Ho A2 Kania Tieffer – Team Duck Cream
 A3 Kania Tieffer – Farfouille B1 Family Jewels – High Sympathy For The Devil 
B2 Family Jewels – Watching Over Me 
B3 Family Jewels – Family Jewels Kania Tieffer does not need an introduction… she was part of several Enfant Terrible live events through out the years, and was present on the Hex Grammofoonplaten compilation (Hex#1). This EP was imagined and planned for a long time. In the end it came out as this: the last record ever by Kania Tieffer and the first record ever by the new project of the same musician, called Family Jewels [soundcloud width=”500″ params=”color=222222&theme_color=000000″]http://soundcloud.com/enfantterriblenl/kania-tieffer-teppi-ho[/soundcloud]

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