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Eris Drew – Fluids of Emotion EP


About this product

This is the debut solo release from Eris Drew, featuring 3 new songs meticulously mixed for the maximum impact of the Motherbeat. From the very beginning of the emergence of Eris Drew, we at IT have been blown away by the power of her DJ sets, where she channels the psychedelic energies of rave and love — the music reflects the power of transition and of fully becoming who you are. Part of what was so exciting to us is that her sets find a new path through the sounds and ideas that inspired No Way Back and so many other wonderful things. So we asked her to create an EP for IT that would reflect these ideas, and our favorite ecstatic healer delivered! Here we find her carefully exploring the intersections of House and Breakbeat culture, a proto rave ecstasy music that exudes the Fluids of Emotion, higher consciousness and the conceptual art of the KLF. Eris has previously released on a compilation on Needs Not For Profit, and a split EP with her equally inspiring partner Octo Octa, but this is her first full solo EP. This EP was recorded at Eris Drew’s parents’ home in Chicago and mixed in the Interdimensional Laboratories in Detroit with BMG.

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