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Baby Buddha – Music For Teenage Sects


About this product

Baby Blue Vinyl Limited to 500 copies Baby Buddha is David Javelosa and musical partner Charles Hornaday playing instruments and providing their own whacked-out vocals. Baby Buddha really was less of a band than a project; a side project in fact, for some members of another group, Los Microwaves. Baby Buddha would eventually record and release an album, 1981’s provocatively-titled Music for Teenage Sex on Robbie Fields’ L.A.-based Posh Boy label. Happily, the project’s guiding creative light, David Javelosa has recently seen to a vinyl reissue of the now-40-year-old record, mystifyingly retitled Music for Teenage Sects. Definitely among the stranger releases of the new wave era, Music for Teenage Sex/Sects could perhaps only have been created when and where it was made. But on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the music sounds as weirdly wonderful as ever. “We Are Not” sounds like Human League stuck in a car with The Residents. And their cover of “All Shook Up” sounds like a musical kin to those inscrutable eyeball guys too; it wouldn’t be out of place on Meet the Residents. “Little Things” is a house-of-mirrors, scary track, with spoken-word vocals by Los Microwaves’ Meg Brazill and label head Fields. The album cover is slightly different as well: it displays a bedroom scene like the original LP, but with the young female model absent. The new release (on Javelosa’s own Hyperspace Communications label) is pressed on beautiful translucent blue vinyl and comes in a gatefold sleeve with a lively collage of photos, buttons, gig posters. Limited to 500 copies.

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