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David Javelosa – 31st Century Lounge Music LP


About this product

Original compositions for virtual game music recorded in 1995 by Los Microwaves founder David Javelosa. That period in the 90s was one of rare times that Los Angeles was sort of a fun. You’d go somewhere for a drink and hear the late 1950s-early 1960s quirky instrumental pop that became known that year by the “Space Age Bachelor Pad Music” sobriquet. Many of the 14 tracks you are ideally hearing now for the first time were inspired by that long-gone cocktail-glass-shaped crack in time. Made in a tiny Santa Monica studio, surrounded by bits and pieces of torn-apart game consoles, trashed Casios and forgotten keyboards, inventing this set of ephemeral computer-generated sounds. Javelosa remembers what begat the tunes. Thrasher in the Fast Lane, inspired by driving on Bay Area freeways, fast, after hours, an Astor Piazzolla melody blowing with the wind, a party in Mexico City, an exotic perfume, Chet Baker in the background. He’s always been fascinated by the concept of computer-generated jazz – still is. The sound of uncertainty, musical cut ‘n’ paste, excitement when something occurs that maybe has never happened before.

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