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Embellishment Collection 1


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A1 GREENS RESTAURNAT “Troll” A2 INJURY “Meddelande från rymden” A3 SMERSH “Progress without regrett” A4 NJURMÄNNEN “Injured by punishing gods” A5 FRAK “Degression” A6 MIKAEL DISER “Min vän, porslinshundens vän” B1 FJÄRILBANDET “Pleas honey” B2 CRUEL WHEN COMPLETE “Immaculate” B3 SYSTEMA SCROTUM “Kazm Lk (m)” B4 ALVARS ORKESTER “So shy” B5 EN HALVKOKT I FOLIE “Tjänne´ru lukten?” B6 DER ANGRIFF “Bad luck” B7 End…. Compilation from one of Sweden’s most weird record label focussing on electronic music of any sort as long as it is flriting with the experimental and homemade side of music: Jan Svensson’s Börft Records! Includes: GREEN RESTAURANT „Troll“ – pretty weird mixture of electronic and acoustic instrumentation and surprising arrangements; INJURY „Meddelande fran rymden“ – catchy early 80’s analogue electronic pop (minimal synth) with a typical Swedish touch; SMERSH „Progress without Regret“ – rhythmic industrial pop with trumpet/horn almost à la The Klinik, but a little less sophisticated; NJURMÄNNEN „Injured by punishing Gods“ – with Roland TR-909 driven electro “rock“ à la Revolting Cocks; FRAK „Degression“ – hard electro with Roland TR-707, sounds like a softer version of Vomito Negro; MIKAEL DIESER „Min vän, porslins-hundens vän“ – minimal electronics, pretty minimal and beautiful; FJÄRILBANDET „Please Honey“ – bedroom recorded distorted guitar and drums, reminiscent of countrymates Cortex, with delayed vocal samples added on top; CRUEL WHEN COMPLETE „Immaculate“ – almost Cold meat Industry-like soundscapes with voice samples on top; SYSTEMA SCROTUM – „Kazm; Lk (m)“ – industrial pop, ALVARS ORKESTER „So shy“ – minimal electronics and industrial sounds; EN HALVKOKT I FOLIE „Tjänne’ru lukten“ – experimental hard electro à la Skinny Puppy; DER ANGRIFF „Bad Luck“ – again electro “rock“ à la Revolting Cocks; and END…. by Jan Svensson himself and sounding pretty much like Portion Control. So, for those who like the weirder and experimental side of electronic pop music, try Börft!

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