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Erika “Anevite Void Remixed”


About this product

“Anevite Void Remixed” showcases some of the many diverse influences on Erika’s critically acclaimed second solo album “Anevite Void”. Here her ambient album closer “Wandering Mountain” transforms into two faces of techno, first the monolithic hypnotic slab of sound from Mike Parker then to a powerful peak time melodic banger from Wata Igarashi. The other side features a totally different take on her influences, with Eris Drew delivering her “Body Rock Remix” fusing a number of styles to push the highlight of Erika’s album to new heights, and Whodat discovering a deeper side to “Tomorrow’s Fires”. The digital version includes a slamming techno and electro fusion mix from Noncompliant of “Anion”. Erika began performing live in Ectomorph in 1997 when she was gifted a TR-606 by BMG and asked to join the group. This grew to her building her own studio, performing solo as Erika, collaborating with people like Jay Ahern and Noncompliant, and performing as a member of Circle of Live. Her depth of thought and clarity of vision has led to her mentoring people on live performance through the In Bloom platform, where she has made a large impact on many up and coming musicians. Erika is currently splitting her time between being based in Berlin and Detroit, is part of the triumvirate that runs Interdimensional Transmissions (BMG, Erika and Amber) that are releasing this record and produce legendary events such as No Way Back, Samhain and Return to the Source. She performs live and DJs and collaborates and oozes sonic truth in its many forms. Visit the “Anevite Void Remixed” in fall 2023. credits

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