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Turning a new chapter with a new alias, techno stalwart Anthony Parasole delivers his FULL EFX project. The New York City artist known for his work on OsGut Ton, Dekmantel, and his own imprint The Corner, now makes his debut on L.I.E.S. Records. While the backbone of this project is rooted in the structural ideas of traditional techno, we now hear Parasole expand on his past sound in a refined manner with acute attention to detail throughout these new productions. Most notably is the repeated use of processed “vocals” on the recording which serves a psychedelic element that drives many of the tracks with haunting results. Tempos push and pull from lightspeed 140 bpm club cuts to 89 bpm pseudo-dancehall to the broken beat closer “Scared to Death” with its chopped vocal, sizzling percussions and industrial crunch, all tracks taking their own persona. With FULL EFX, Parasole expertly puts forth an lp that brings together and transforms the many sounds of modern electronic music in a unique and laser focused fashion with his new vision.

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