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Ortrotasce – Dispatches From Solitude


About this product

      Distant In Time – Ortrotasce
      No Mortal Harmony – Ortrotasce
      Falling Star – Ortrotasce
      Romance & War – Ortrotasce
      Dispatches From Solitude – Ortrotasce
      Part From Myself – Ortrotasce
      Systems of Love – Ortrotasce
      Shorting Circuit – Ortrotasce
Ortrotasce comes to Dark Entries with Dispatches from Solitude, their latest LP. For over a decade, Nic Hamersly has been using the Ortotrasce (pronounced: or-tro-task) moniker to unleash brooding-yet-propulsive darkwave anthems upon the world. Hamersly’s work explores the intersection between industrial and synth pop, drawing a line from the sounds of the past to the present. Recorded during the Covid and post-Covid era, Dispatches from Solitude brings 8 tracks of tightly wrought synth-pop exploring grief, romance, and our strange world – which just keeps getting stranger. The cover art was designed by Hamersly, and the record includes a postcard with notes. Dispatches from Solitude will thrill fans of classic industrial-laced wave bands like Hard Corps, Fad Gadget, and SPK.

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