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Ron Morelli- “Heart Stopper” 2xlp


About this product

L.I.E.S. Records founder, Ron Morelli, makes a rare appearance on his own label with his eagerly anticipated double lp, “HEART STOPPER”. (LIES-200) Heart Stopper is undoubtedly the “dance” record that reaches back to the early days of his L.I.E.S. Records label where artists such as Delroy Edwards, Steve Summers, Traxx, and Svengalisghost all came together digging into the primitive, foundational sounds of original Chicago, New York, and Detroit House music putting it through a contemporary lens. Recorded between 2019-2022, this lp is the culmination of many years of Morelli honing his craft, from digging and studying old records, to focusing and sharpening his production techniques, the L.I.E.S. boss has delivered an album that is a testament of his true love and obsession of the genre, with “Heart Stopper” being the record to cement the now iconic L.I.E.S. legacy even further. In the often shapeshifting world of modern dance music, “Heart Stopper” is what a House record should be. Full of passion and unfiltered emotion, uplifting at moments, pensive at others; with raw, jakin’ drum programming, big basslines, and anthemic synths driving the release throughout. Over the 11 tracks we hear the depth of the production hitting all ends of the House music spectrum from WBMX style beat tracks (Just Another Old Beat Track, Tricks of the Trade), to seemingly lost Music Box tapes (House Music Revenge), to 89′ style 727 anthem (Heart Stopper), or the piano driven, introspective “Time Stands Still”. “Heart Stopper” is an all encompassing record in its scope and sure to appeal to true fans (and djs) of the genre. Here we have Morelli’s definitive dance music statement to date in “Heart Stopper.” It is the modern interpretation of what came before and what the artist and L.I.E.S. dedicate themselves to- carefully crafted music that firmly places their signature in the present, past and future days of dance music. Suffice to say, there couldn’t be a more vital time than now for raw, heartfelt music such as this to be reintroduced into a confused and fractured dance music scene.

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