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Solpara – Woda r​ó​ż​ana


About this product

This record contains: filters, singing, Polish railways samples, the right touch of big beat and melodies & it can help you clean the air of the club. Solpara is an agile performer, both in sense of the nature of his live acts, background and tour schedule. Brutaż is also about nimbleness and acrobatics so it was only logical for their paths to cross. Both are connected with record dealing (Record Loft, Berlin and Halcyon, NY, respectively) and both are emotional and undergoing changes. Contrary to his previous endeavours (incl. on Nicolas Jaar’s Other People), Solpara’s release does not quite want you to relax, it’s fast and slow, it’s emotional and rackety, it’s fire and water. This Lebanese-American raconteur seem to have a similar goal to Polish complainers of Brutaż – records are not meant to wreak havoc, their purpose is to refresh the perimeter. Woda różana stands for “rose water” – it’s about scent, touch & flavour. credits

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