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Isabella Koen – Cracked, serving assorted sweets make heaven


About this product

A new type of sound from uhinged live-performer and a one-woman fun tribunal. It’s glossy, noisy, raw, futuristic, sensual, frivolous, dark, wonky, slow and fast alike – yet in all those variations, rather suited for bigger PAs. Tracks on Cracked, serving assorted sweets make heaven utilize pummeling yet unequal kickdrums and vary in tempo. Side A turns risky breaks into an oddly enjoyable experience while the tracks on B flip trance motifs into rather serious, darker futuristic ride. Isabella’s work also happens to be a link between Rhode Island’s noise scene & pranksters from Börft Records, Herrensauna’s dancefloors and halls of Berklee College of Music where she preaches.

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